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Strengthening Communities

On August 25th 2016 in  Lawrenceville, PA House Finance Committee held a public hearing on the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Several PA House representatives were in attendance from Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and representatives from as far as Philadelphia. The panel heard from community developers: Jerome Jackson, Operation Better Block (Homewood), Michael Edwards, Connellsville Redevelopment Authority (Connellsville) and Tracey Evans, Wilkinsburg CDC. Each talked about how the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) has benefited their neighborhoods in a myriad of ways.

The panel also heard from some of the corporate partners, Scott Lammie, UPMC, Evan Frazier, Highmark and Bill Schenck from TriState Capital. All three gentlemen spoke eloquently about the NAP program and the huge impact it has had on the communities they have supported. Until now, I don’t believe the representatives realized how involved the corporate partners are at the community level. They certainly have a better understanding now.

The best news is that the panel was moved enough by the testimony to amend the bill that asks for an increase from the current $18 Million to $25 Million to increasing the funds to $36 Million. If the bill passes and the available tax credits increase to $36 Million (next year) that’s a lot of workforce development, social services, youth engagement, economic revitalization and most importantly the ability to hire professional staff to make all these things and more happen. Bill Schenck underscored the importance of professional staff, probably the most important element in community revitalization.

Neighborhood Partnership Program

The Allegheny Conference created the Strengthening Communities Partnership (SCP), as part of its broader 2012-14 Strengthening Communities strategic priority.
The goal of the SCP is to make long-term, positive impacts in participating communities by concentrating private investment through tax credits purchased by businesses in the PA Department of Community and Economic Development Neighborhood Partnership Program. These investments are complemented with targeted, pro bono professional services that will make redevelopment projects happen in the neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Partnership Program 
1st year in Review

NPP 6.12.15.pdf (PDF — 9 MB)

Neighborhood Partnership Program
2nd year in Review

NPP 2nd year.pdf (PDF — 383 KB)

The below is a list of our Supporters under the
Neighborhood Partnership Program

Thanks to the Allegheny Conference, Neighborhood Partnership Program, UPMC, Somerset Trust, TriState Capital, and First Energy Foundation  for a great first year in Connellsville!

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Below are our partners under the Neighborhood Partnership Program.  The Neighborhood Partnership Program has had s significant positive affect on the city of Connellsville.

Connellsville Carnegie Free Library

 The Fayette County Cultural Trust presented a $5,000.00 check to the Connellsville Carnegie Free Library. This money was made available through the Neighborhood Partnership Program. The Connellsville Carnegie Free Library is the only Carnegie Library in Fayette County. It was the 13th constructed by Andrew Carnegie which opened in April 1903. After operating for 113 years, the library is still a community necessity as it offers free internet service and computer usage, job placement programs, and child development activities. http://www.carnegiefreelib.org/home

Circles Connellsville Area

 The Fayette County Cultural Trust presented a $5,000.00 check to the Connellsville Community Ministries - Circles Connellsville Area. This money was made available through the Neighborhood Partnership Program. Their mission is to inspire and equip families and community members to resolve poverty and thrive. Circles brings together Leaders and Allies. The Leaders bring their problems to solve and the goals they want to achieve. The Allies bring their time, patience, knowledge and experience. Together they bring change and hope for the enrichment of the entire community helping people break the chains of poverty. http://strive2thrivecville.org/

Wesley Health Center

The Fayette County Cultural Trust presented a $5,000.00 check to the Wesley Health Center in Connellsville. This money was made available through the Neighborhood Partnership Program. The Wesley Health Center is the only FREE Health Center in Southwestern Pennsylvania and provides health care to individuals that can't afford health insurance.    http://www.wesleyhc.org/

Connellsville Redevelopment Authority