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Ceane O'Hanlon Lincoln
Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln is a native of Connellsville, Fayette County,
Pennsylvania, though she resided in neighboring Westmoreland County’s Ligonier Valley for eighteen years, where she taught high school French until 1985.  Already engaged in commercial writing, she immediately began pursuing a career in writing history, as well as historical fiction.  “History has always been my first love,” the dynamic author has stated.  “I’ll read a history book the way many read a novel.”
In 1987, O’Hanlon-Lincoln won honors at Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute, when two of her screenplays made the “top twenty-five,” chosen from thousands of nationwide entries.  In 1994, she optioned one of those scripts to Kevin Costner; the other screenplay, A Toast to Destiny, she adapted, with a fellow teacher, to a compelling mystery novel of the same title.
Ceane has also had a poem published in Great Poems of Our Time.  Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award, “The Man Who Holds the Reins” appears in County Chronicles II and in the fore of her anthology, Autumn Song, a medley of stories threaded by their destiny themes and autumnal settings.  William Colvin, a Fayette County theatre and English instructor said of her Autumn Song: “The tales rank with those of Rod Sterling and the great O. Henry.  O’Hanlon-Lincoln is a master storyteller.”
Robert Matzen, writer/producer of Paladin Films said of Autumn Song: “I like the flow of the words, almost like song lyrics … very evocative.”
From February 2000 to March 2002, Ceane authored, in her hometown newspaper, The Daily Courier, her own bimonthly column, “County Chronicles,” in which she focused on local history.  A vivid assortment of places, people and events that affected and shaped Pennsylvania, County Chronicles – the series – is the result of the numerous requests for a compilation and continuation of her exciting Chronicles. 
In February 2004, O’Hanlon-Lincoln won the prestigious Athena, an award presented to professional “women of spirit” on local, national and international levels.  The marble, bronze and crystal Athena sculpture symbolizes career excellence, community leadership, and the light that emanates from the recipient. 
In the tradition of a great Irish seanchaí (storyteller), Ceane has been called by many a “state-of-the-heart writer.”  Soon after the debut of the premier volume, the talented author won for her County Chronicles a Special Recognition Award from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, followed by a Special Recognition Award from the Senate of Pennsylvania. After the release in 2010 of the fifth volume and second edition of Volume I, the series won a second Recognition Award from both the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives.
Ceane shares “Tara,” her restored, century-old Victorian home, with her husband Phillip and their champion Bombay cats, Black Jade and Black Jack O’Lantern.  Her hobbies include travel, nature walks, theatre, film, antiques, and reading “… everything I can on Pennsylvania, American, and Celtic history, legend and lore.”
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