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Larry P. Buttermore
"Switch Hitters"
Local sports heroes make great stories. Reedy Conner always aspired to be like Chuck Lohr. Chuck was the best softball player that ever roamed East Park. He made the impossible look ordinary. Chuck's softball career was cut short by a freak injury while sliding in to home plate. Through a series of breaks and connections he became the coach of Reedy's young Franklin Playground team. The field they played on uniquely favored left handers. Reedy got a hit almost every at bat because of this. His team started out with him as the only leftie. One teammate and his father saw an opportunity here. They decided to learn how to “switch hit.” They convinced the whole team and it worked to perfection! In only their second season, they were playing for the Connellsville Playground Championship. Join along with them in their adventure. Get to know the characters. Laugh and cry as their lives unfold before you.