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Lorraine M. Harris
"Not The Norm"
A Small Town Story
Not the Norm, A Small Town Story is a fictional story based on actual events, people's experiences, and true facts.  As the tale unfolds, there are unusual twists and turns as the commonplace evolves into the unexpected.  The story is humorous and encouraging while providing some unique truths about a small town in western Pennsylvania.  (Connellsville).
This warm, inspirational story may leave the reader with many unanswered questions: Did the town achieve Dr. Martin Luther King's dream where people would jusge character rather than skin color?  How did the town's people make so many noteworthy school and career achievements?  Why has the town produced such a large number of successful people?
The more important question:  Did this town follow the Quaker, William Penn's "holy experiment" where everyone should be treated with equality regarding education and religion?  If this is true, can any town apply Penn's beliefs and accomplish similar results?
Lorraine M. Harris is a njative of Connellsville, Pennsylvania.  She and her husband, Lamont, retired from the Washington D.C. metropolitain area to The Villages, Florida. 
Lorraine is the author of Sunday Golf, Casserole Parade, Casserole Suprise, What Would I Do?, and co-author of Intuition.