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The Rural Arts Collaborative was founded to provide Teaching Artist residencies in rural schools in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Teaching Artists are placed in schools to work with students and teachers to enhance the existing arts curriculum and make it more robust through project based learning. Teaching Artist residencies are a generally a full academic year, and at minimum, one full academic semester, during school time.  RAC is funded by the Benedum Foundation with additional funding from Chevron, Community Foundation of Fayette County, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and EQT. The fiscal sponsor for this project is the Fayette County Cultural Trust.

Intended Outcomes:

Intended outcomes from this project and the focus of Benedum Foundation grant funds are used for:

-Expand the Rural Arts Collaborative network .

-Extend artist residencies to a full year where possible.

-Fully integrate the artist experience with formal classroom instruction.

-Continue to support existing school partnerships.  

Carmelle Nickens 
-  Rural Arts Collaborative 
RAC Founder & Project Manager

The Rural Arts Collaborative Projects by School Year

The start of Bricolage Video

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The Making of Bricolage 2018

Rural Arts Collaborative (RAC) Project Demographics
School years 2013-14 through 2016-17
A total of 1375 students were impacted throughout Fayette County since the start of the RAC Project 2013 – 2017. (6 residencies total)
·         Students below were from Connellsville, Uniontown, Frazier & Laurel Highlands (4 School Districts collaboratively participated)
·         Music – Guitar & Violin lessons with 2 resident artists: 224 students {25% of these students were from low to very low family incomes}
·         Theatrical Classes – Project Talent workshops with resident artist:  579 students {53% of these students were considered troubled youth from troubled families, with “troubled family” defined as abusive or drug involved}
·         Art Classes – Liz Jones Art Studios - 2 resident artists worked in various forms of art: Ceramics, Painting, Jewelry Making:  554 students {85% of these students were from low to very low family incomes}

·         Special Needs – worked with resident artist at Highlands Hospital Cleveland Clinic Facility on Mural Painting: 18 students {all of these students were Autistic}

A total of 450 students were impacted throughout Greene County since the start of the RAC Project 2013 – 2017.  All 5 school districts in Greene had teaching artist residencies, as well as one IU#1 Alternative School. (6 residencies total)
·         Carmichael School District: 90 students worked with resident artist on Metal Sculptures
·         Central Greene School District: 80 students – worked  on Screen Printing
·         IU#1 East Franklin Alternative School:  70 students {CTHES – Comprehensive & Therapeutic Emotional Support and physically disabled students} – worked on Screen Printing & Jewelry Making
·         Jefferson Morgan School District: 80 students – worked on Paper Making & Print Making
·         Southeast Greene School District: 75 students – worked on Ceramic Tile Mosaics

·         West Greene School District: 55 students – worked on Fiber Arts 

A total of 775 students were impacted throughout Washington County since the start of the RAC Project 2013 – 2017.  A total of 3 school districts in Washington, as well as one IU#1 Alternative School had teaching artist residencies. (5 residencies total)
·         Washington School District: 550 students – worked on Ceramic Sculptures
·         McGuffey School District:  75 students – worked on Japanese Watercolor Painting & Ceramic Sculptures (2 residencies)
·         Canon McMillan School District: 100 students – worked on Theatre Arts & Dance

·         IU#1 Clark Alternative School: 50 students {CTHES – Comprehensive Therapeutic and Emotional Support & Alternative Troubled students} – worked on Mural Painting