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               Laurel Highlands Ambassador Program

     The Connellsville Canteen Ladies were exceptional Ambassadors in the area during WWII. They meet every train coming into Connellsville 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They greeted every one with smiles, food and if needed a safe place to sleep for he night. Although the war has been over for many years, people are still coming to our area to enjoy the place that we call home.

     The Connellsville Ambassador Program is a ground breaking program, in Fayette County, that serves to increase tourism by training and inspiring front-line hospitality employees, volunteers, and residents to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. This program gives participants the opportunity to build upon their knowledge of the local region, enhance their skills in serving customers, increase their awareness of information resources and discover the power of tourism.

     The Laurel Highlands Ambassador Program is held each year, on Mondays, from March - May at the Connellsville Canteen located at 131 West Crawford Avenue, Connellsville.  Please check the Connellsville Catneen Events page for updates on this program.

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